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Can your store sell 

Non Healthy


Foods & Bevg.

2 Days a Week?

See how MI. School Stores are helping their non-profit clubs. (DECA, FBLA, BPA)

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This Fundraiser exemption is Not a state law, but is a  U.S. Govt. provision.

"States shall have the flexibility to set a certain number of fundraisers that can sell foods or beverages that do not meet the nutrition standards."

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Ask your state rep. & district admin. to clarify. Just think how sustainable your store could be with such fundraising?





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Teacher References in 47 States


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School Cafe or Restaurant?

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Integrated Credit Cards by World Pay



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Sports Concessions

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New, HD DVR Camera Security System

Amazing Video Quality, Many New Features!

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Upgrade your System and Re-use old cables

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