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EZ-Build & Market your own Phone App. & Web Store!

Sell more products & services to Alumni, Staff & Student Body.

All Orders are captured in your School POS System.

For more info:    info@schoolpos.com    877-271-3730

Download:   School POS Online Ordering Info.

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Follow the Online Ordering Steps (below)   Fast & Simple

Step #1

Phone App & Web Store Wrapper

U-Supply a High School Store/Cafe Logo

 (Design Service included)

Step #2

POS Data Export

We export only the POS items you wish to sell.

 (Service included)


Step #3

Decide Order Types?

Allow Delivery? or Pickup & Pay @ Store/Cafe?

 (Setup included & can be changed anytime)


Step #4

Pay Online Option?

Competitive Merchant Rates

 (This option can be changed at anytime)


Step #5a

Customer Downloads Phone App.

i-Phone & Android

 (Phone App. Store Registration Included)


Step #5b

Customer can shop using a Web Store Link!

Computer  Web Store Page Option

Market Web Links to Social Media Sites or High School Web Site.

 Web Store View will Auto-format internet browser to Cell or Computer Browser

 (URL Registration Included)


Step #6

Shop using a Phone App.

Phone App  Dept/Menu  Page

See items & images associated w/Dept/Menu App. Page example

 (Setup Included)


Step #7a

Shop using  Web Store link

Choose a Dept/Menu (Apparel)

See items & images associated w/Dept/Menu Web Store Page example

 (Setup Included)


Step #7b

Choose a Dept/Menu (Apparel)

See items & images associated w/Dept/Menu Phone App. example

 (Setup Included)


Step #8

Review your Web Store or App. Order

See item Qty & images associated w/App. Order See Total $$ Amount

 (Setup Included)


Step #9

Payment & Notes Page App. Order

Insert Special Notes, Review & Confirm Total

 (Setup Included)


Step #10

Customer Details

Insert Name & Cell# email/address is optional It will remember you on 2nd order!

 (Setup Included)


Step #11

Customer Order Receipt

Customer receives Text, Order Confirmation

 (Setup Included)


Step #12a

Receive Orders Queue

School Store/Cafe can see all App. & Web Orders on a Special Web-Orders Page. Reply when order will be ready. Customer gets Text, "Ready for Pickup in 5/min. or Will Deliver in 3 days, etc.

 (This feature is optional & not required)


Step #12b

Receive Orders in School POS

All Orders load into School POS. Click on Retrieve Button to select the Order you want to convert to Invoice. Auto-Updates Inventory & Customer database EZ & Fast!

 (Need the latest PRM6 version & Moduurn Module)


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