2019-20 *Best Student Employees

*Results based on nomination & survey forms:  School Stores & Culinary Cafes

Best employee winners were selected by a panel of judges & received a digital, Amazon Gift Card.


Stephen Serna, Sous-Chef

 Mercedes HS, TX.

 (Top Employee with 6 nominations!)

Stephen worked in the school kitchen with a real chef. The chef-instructor took him under his wing & showed him a lot of healthy meals to prepare. Stephen would then take the lead and prepare the meals for events & parent presentations. Excellent student!

Stephen has great leadership skills that allow him to take charge of the kitchen team when preparing meals. Students look to him for guidance and I have witnessed him teaching them all he knows. He really brings the group together when performing duties for district and community events. It also helps that he has a great personality.

He was the lead cook and helped other students learn!

Stephen held several healthy cooking demonstrations for parents in the district.

Stephen is a leader among his peers. He lead the catering events at the district & would address the groups present about the meal prepared.

Stephen is always willing to learn and implement what he is learning in the Culinary kitchen. He researched recipes and implemented them well. He learned to prepare many dishes for our clients. He is helpful with other kitchen students in showing them how to complete tasks. Stephen runs a successful kitchen!


Cody Pierce, Manager

Alpena HS, MI.

As Assistant Store Manager, Cody was pivotal in the day to day running of the store. He knows the POS system well and would often help me problem solve. Cody also took a lead role in photographing our inventory for our POS-integrated web-Store!

Madison Timmreck, Manager

 Alpena HS, MI.

Madison is a hard worker and up for any task you put in front of her. She not only leads by example, but also can manage employees effectively through good communication skills -- both one on one and in groups. Campus Closet will definitely miss her leadership.

Megan Cosman, Manager

Coon Rapids HS, MN.

Megan is a fantastic manager with a lot of attention to detail. She is always quick to act and often takes the initiative to solve the problems before they happen. She is extremely involved managing our SBE. She rotates between six Store operations teams. Her dedication and passion for the store is evident on a daily basis.

Taffie Moore, Manager

 Birdville-CTAL, TX.

Taffie has worked in our store for two years and has served as our overall student manager for this school year. Taffie has taken complete ownership of all aspects of running a successful school store. She provides exemplary customer service, makes sure that product is ordered and stocked and is a rock star at visual merchandising.

Jasmine Alcala, Manager

E. Aurora HS, IL.

Jasmine was not only the co-manager for Paw Place, she also trained several new employees, worked extra events outside of the school day (including P/T conferences and open house). Jasmine also qualified for DECA ICDC

Lorena Alvarez, Manager

 E. Aurora HS, IL.

Lorena worked many class periods mostly by herself. Later, she helped train other students  to work there as well. She also qualified for DECA ICDC for her SBE work.

Milah Gore, Manager

 Magnolia HS, AR.

She is always ready and willing to help however she can in the store and is always great with customers and sales. Very Kind and helpful.

Brantley Cox, Manager

 Magnolia HS, AR.

Brantley has been a Panther Plaza employee for the last two years. He has done every job possible at the store. customer service, cashier, inventory, sales, graphic design, handyman and marketing. He spends extra time working in the store because he enjoys it so much!

Brantley took on every job thrown at him from learning how to run the register, marketing to the public & student body, setting up displays, checking in merchandise, and even learning to make merchandise with all equipment in the store including the cleaning & care of the equipment


Ian Thompson, Cashier

Heritage HS, WA.

Ian strives to sell what is not selling. He works well with others and brings them along to ignite sales. Ian tries products on his own so he can give the customers recommendations which increases sales. Ian has done an excellent job in being a top seller.

Cohen Turner, Cashier

Orange County HS, VA.

Cohen Turner, a Freshman, took to the store with love and responsibility beyond his age. He worked even when he was not scheduled. He took the time to learn every aspect in the store. Along with the store manager, he wrote the 30 page manual to enter for state competition. His presentation won our store's first trophy for the school store contest!

Michael Wandel, Manager

 Orange County HS, VA.

Michael Wandel managed the school store and improved operations and sales this year. His amazing personality, respect for others, expansion ideas, dedication to the goals of the store and customer relations led The Hornet Hideout's most successful year. He we won 3rd place in DECA's School Store Competition for the entire state.

Chelsey Marcias, Manager

Lynnwood HS, WA.

Chelsy is a natural leader. She works by building consensus among the student employees and then gently and professionally guides them to reach their goals. Chelsy has an incredible work ethic. Each fall she will work in excess of 100 hours outside of school time (weekends and evenings) preparing the store for the grand opening.

Chantel Chambers, Manager

Sthfd. HS, MI.

Chantel is a very well rounded student employee and is able to assist and add value in all areas of the store. This includes training other employees.


Jacob Phillips, Manager

El Dorado HS, AR.

Jacob has been involved with our Cafe/Store for many years This school year he took it upon himself to train every one in all areas. Our student groups rotated to different Job responsibilities Jacob never wanted to miss an opportunity to work and never was late. Jacob was dependable and had great work ethic!! Awesome student!!!


Donte Tooley, Manager

Monroe County Tech. Center, WV.

Donte worked in the store throughout the year. During the first semester of school all students were assigned cashier jobs.  Donte showed a lot of initiative and so we asked his help manage the store. Donte became the purchasing manager for our store. When inventory arrived at the store, he entered the stock into our POS system.

Donte also trained new student employees. I trusted Donte and appreciate his dedication to the store. He went above and beyond to learn the ins and outs of the School POS system.


More, Student Winners (Sorry, no photos recorded)

Madison Armstrong, Manager, Sthfd. HS, MI

Jarrett Folk, Manager, Graham-Kapow. HS, WA

Emma Cowee, Manager, Dayton HS, NV.

Tiffini Elgas, Manager, Clinton HS, WI

Kallen Jones, Manager, Carrollton ACC, MO.

Daniel Gutierrez, Cafe Manager, Somerset Voc, NJ