2016 T.V. Commercial Winners


1st Place Winner, $500.00

"The Viking Store"

Jackson High School, Jackson, MI.

Andy Turner, Teacher

Students involved:

Carter Smith, Paris Mast, Malik Wilcox, Rebekah Wyckoff, Nicole Hamilton, Sam Close, Kaitlyn Willis

Marketing Goals:

  1. Increase snack sales
  2. Inform consumer of prices
  3. Increase awareness of Snack Variety

2nd Place Winner, $250.00

"The Laser Locker"

Kettle Moraine High School, Wales, WI.

Heidi Warren, Teacher

Students involved:

Ryan Obermeier, Cal Borowski, Claudia Bauer, Jason Abatto, Emily Hartwig, Alex Nelson, ...... Mike Zuba, Carly Roofe, Davis Winquist

Marketing Goals:

  1. Reach 500 YouTube views*
  2. Sell $100 worth of Apparel*
  3. Sell 10 T-Shirts* (*before 6/9/16)

3rd Place Winner, $125.00

"Trojan Trading Post"

Southern High School, Louisville, KY.

Laquita Lee, Teacher

Students involved:

William Bibb, Shadale Crosby, Blayne Kennon, Nyaar Seay, Sydnee Spalding, Natalie Williams, Alaine Nigaba Kagaba, Ari Marquely


Marketing Goals:


  1. Promote New Store & Location
  2. Increase visibility of school apparel
  3. Increase Admin. awareness of value of having Marketing & Multi-Media programs

Honorable Mention

"The Pack Shack 2.0"

Black Hills High School, Tumwater, WA.

Brenda Knowlton, Teacher

Students involved:

Hailey McReynolds, Cameron Bernderson, Clayton Lundstrom,  Abbie Varney, Lakia Warner, Ethan Coughlan, Lauren Cagle, Ashley Mixon

Marketing Goals:


  1. Build our reputation
  2. Build Brand Awareness
  3. Build trust with your audience

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2013 Video Winners

2013 Video Winners

1st Place Winner, $1,000.00

"Falcon Fly By"

Hanford High School Store students, Richland, WA.

2013 Winner

2nd Place Winner, $500.00

"The Cove"

Willow Canyon School Store students, Surprise, AZ.

2013 Winner

3rd Place Winner (tie), $250.00

"Don't Get Locked in the Basement"

Sun Prairie School Store students, Sun Prairie, WI.

2013 Winner

3rd Place Winner (tie), $250.00

"The Hornets Nest"

Kearsley School Store students, Flint, MI.

2013 Winner

School Store T.V. commercial Rules for 2016

(1)  Produce a 30 second Video with audio track advertising your School Store or a Store Item.

(2) Upload your T.V. commercial to your YouTube channel. (Max. 3 entries per School)

(3) Email us info@schoolpos.com your YouTube link with attached documentation.

(4) Documentation must name School, Teacher, & Students participating & 3 Marketing goals you wish to accomplish with video. (important)

(5) Videos must be produced only by students enrolled in a Business & Marketing class.

(6) Sorry, only School Store POS clients are eligible. (over 600 nation wide)

(7) Email Entry deadline is May 20, 2016

(8) Winners will be chosen on May 23, 2016 by a panel of judges.

(9) Cash Prizes will be awarded to Teacher Advisors c/o their Store or Student Business Club.

All Video entries may be used by POS Systems Group for future marketing