Culinary Ed. POS

School Restaurant, Cafe, Bistro & Bakery Systems

3 POS solutions to choose:

POSitive POS has integrated, online ordering.

Focus POS

Win. O/S -  Mobile & PC Friendly

Pro. Restaurant Software!

Manages all Restaurant styles!

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POSitive POS

Win. O/S - Mobile & PC Friendly

Affordable & Easy to Use!

 Over 600 Schools Nationwide

Career Centers  POSitive works great in other areas!

Quick-Serve POS

Basic Station 

Mobile Station

Freedom POS

Use any O/S: Win, Android, Mac, No internet cloud. No Monthly $ Payments! Add up to 8 Stations!

Tablet Friendly!

Quick-Serve or Table Service POS

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  Quick Serve POS        

Table Service POS

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