3 Merchandising Contest Winners

 #1 prize: $300.00

North Side High School, AR. (Grizzly Gear)

Teacher, Melinda Briscoe & Marketing Students

In the Grizzly Gear store, we provide many services to our customers that increase our amount of patrons. One service we provide includes custom clothing through the use of our heat press. We are typically able to carry out these orders within one or two business days, either by means of special delivery to faculty or postage to our customers. This special service increased our holiday sales volume! Our clerks are trained to let customers know that if they don't find a size or design they like on the shelves, we could create one for them. We also offer extended shopping experiences such as being open on Small Business Saturday. For the last couple of years, Small Business Saturday has been not very productive. In response, we dropped Small Business Saturday and came up with Christmas in Grizzly Land. With this extended shopping event, we set up a photo area and handed out hot chocolate and candy canes. Our mascot donned Grizzly Gear apparel and mingled with shoppers. We sold many Store Gift Cards during this event too

The goal of Grizzly Gear’s floor Display Merchandising is to provide many products for all ages and sizes! The store features sections that give customers a wide variety of clothing and accessories. One of the unique areas is the Big & Tall racks. These racks have sizes from 2XL to 5XL so no customers are left out! Another distinctive area of the store is a Cub Corner (Infant and Children clothing area). Until October of 2019 this section was small and in one corner of our store. Our customers who needed these sizes, found it difficult to find what they needed so we moved this section to some tall racks near the center of the store and labeled it with our new signs. The Cub Corner has clothes for babies and all youth sizes so that the whole family can get something while shopping at Grizzly Gear! The focus of Grizzly Gear is to provide “gear” to the fans of Northside High School no matter how old they are or their size!

Youth Apparel Sales Increase x 4

See 3yr. POS Comparison Report of Youth Apparel Sales (Cub Corner).

Cross Merchandising is the retail practice of marketing or displaying products from different categories together, in order to generate additional revenue for the store, sometimes also known as add-on sales, incremental purchase or secondary product placement. Grizzly Gear uses Cross Mix Merchandising to help display the latest trends in fashion and influence the customers to buy the particular merchandise. It attracts the customers into the store and thus increase the revenue and profit. In this display we used 6 of the items we sell in the store.

Apparel Sales Increase x 2

See 3yr. POS Comparison Report of Apparel



#2 Heritage High School, WA.

Teachers: Shawn Perez & Erica Johnson

 Marketing Students win: $100.00 Gift Cards

Wolf Den Cafe

Wolf Den Cafe Counter Merchandising


#3 Marcellus Middle/High School, MI.

Teacher: Remie Ramirez

Marketing Students win: $50.00 Gift Cards

The Cat Shack


The Cat Shack Holiday Merchandising

Contest Requirements:

1) Email Contest entry to info@schoolpos.com 

  • Please include only 1 entry (Merch. Category) per email.
  • There's no limit on contest entries

(2) School must be our School Store POS client.

(3) Email must include the following info. & Attachments:

  • name of School, Teacher, and Students participating & Merchandising Category (1-6) you are competing in.
  • small paragraph describing the goal (focus) of your merchandising & date range you did it.
  • attach a picture of your merchandising example.
  • attach a POS Sales Report showing item(s) Sales before & during your Merchandising dates
  • Use School POS Sales Report by Inventory Sku or by Items Sorted. (save as a .pdf)

(4) Merchandising will be judged on:

  • Artistic Elements
  • Colors & Lighting
  • Creative & Original themes and ideas
  • Supporting Signage, Coupons, Sales Promotions, Contests & Taste Tests.
  • How effective it was (supported by POS Sales Reports)

(6) Compete in 1 or all 6 Merchandising Categories

  • Floor Displays
  • Shelf, Wall or Glass Counter
  • Counter Top (at point of purchase)
  • Service (Gift Cards, Screen Printing)
  • Overall Store & Cafe Merchandising (for Big Prize)

Contest Deadline: 12/20/19

Cash & Gift Card Prizes awarded to the Top entries

Questions ? Call: 877-271-3730