2019 Merchandising Contest

Show us how you merchandise the products & services that you sell.

Compete in 1 or all 6, Merchandising Categories:


1) Floor display Merchandising

2)  Counter Top  (at point of purchase)

3) Cross-Mix    (2 or more unlike items)

4)  Shelf, Wall or Glass Counter

5) Service  (Gift Cards, Screen Printing...)

6) Over-All Store Merchandising


Contest Requirements:

1) Email Contest entry to info@schoolpos.com 

  • Please include only 1 entry (Merch. Category) per email.
  • There's no limit on contest entries

(2) School must be our School Store POS client.

(3) Email must include the following info. & Attachments:

  • name of School, Teacher, and Students participating & Merchandising Category (1-6) you are competing in.
  • small paragraph describing the goal (focus) of your merchandising & date range you did it.
  • attach a picture of your merchandising example.
  • attach a Sales Report showing item(s) Sales before/after & during your Merchandising dates
  • Use School POS Sales Report by Inventory Sku or by Items Sorted. (save as a .pdf)

(4) Merchandising will be judged on:

  • Artistic Elements
  • Colors & Lighting
  • Creative & Original themes and ideas
  • Supporting Signage, Coupons, Sales Promotions, Contests & Taste Tests.
  • How effective it was (supported by POS Sales Reports)

Contest Deadline: 12/13/19

Cash & Gift Card Prizes awarded to the Top entries

Questions ? Call: 877-271-3730




Merchandising ideas: 

Custom Signs

Promos & Sales




Counter, Point of Purchase Merchandising