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30/min. seminar, but may last 40/min. (with 5/min. intro & 5/min Q&A)

 Conducted by Mike Goodmansen, POSitive Software

* See Webinar  Requirements at bottom of this page.

Marketing & Sales Promo. Tools

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  School POS Marketing Tools

Calendar Discounts, Mix & Match, Custom Coupons, Combo Deals, Template Deals, Customer Loyalty Rewards, & Text (SMS) Coupons to Cell Phones


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Starting School POS Over (Fresh)


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Starting POS Over  Deleting old POS Data. Creating new POS Data Taking the proper steps?

Touch Button Tips


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Touch Button Tips  Managing your Touch Screen Buttons & Print Great, Bar-Code Labels

Purchasing & Receiving


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Purchasing & Rcv. From Creating a Vendor Shopping list to P.O. Receiving, Vendor Reports

Customer Management

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Customer Management  Special Orders & Discount, Loyalty Rewards, House Accts, Shrinkage & Reports

Analyzing Data

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Analyzing Data... Sales, Inv., Accounting Reports & Graphs


Webinar Requirements:

(1) Reserve by email, name of school & teacher/students names attending & Seminar Date

(2) School must be a School Store POS client of ours to attend Webinar.

(3) Spaces are limited, so reserve early. We'll confirm your reservation with email.

(4) Reservation priority will be given to School Stores currently on POS Suport.

(5) If you can't attend a Webinar, we'll make videos available for later download.

(6) School supplies computer with internet connection & Speaker Phone.

(7) We'll send a reminder email & link so you can test your Webinar connection!

(8) Answer POS Challenge Question at end of Webinar & Win Amazon Gift Card..!

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