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About POS Systems Group 

Our company has been in the POS business for 23 years.

We have installed, trained, and supported Private (Retail or Wholesale) Businesses & School Stores across the U.S.. We are honored and thrilled to be a part of over 800 School Store success stories.

On our staff, we have secondary school teachers to assist you. We enjoy sharing with teachers and students all our technical, business, and educational experiences. 

Our School Store POS mission is to create a user-friendly, affordable, professional Retail Management System that emulates today's business world and educates students planning future careers in Internet Marketing, see online ordering module management, and security see new HD DVR-Camera kits 

Our Training Staff                                                               

Don Immen, 29 years, High School Marketing Teacher, DECA/School Store Advisor, 7 years POS Trainer. Always has great Business lesson to share & demonstrate in POS

Craig Cesarone, 5 years High School Teacher, 30 years retail management, 30 years POS consultant. Works well with your School Tech-Staff & Store Advisors. management,                                                                                        

We are partners with following educational groups:                                  


Contact Us   ~  info@schoolpos.com     call: 877-271-3730