School POS (PDF) Training Guides chart represents the training steps necessary to understand your POS System. With-2 onsite its or 3-4 phone visits (35-45 min.) you

General Setup

Install & Test Hardware

Install Software

Backup Options

Data Entry Part 1

Department & Categories


Inventory Items

Data Entry Part 2

Employees     Time Clock    Log-In-Off

Customers - House Accounts

Adv Inventory    Matrix Inventory

Using Your Data

Reports     Queries   Labels

Physical Inventory       Valuation 

Purchasing & Vendor Receiving

Sales Training Part 1

Keyboard Sales 

Touch Screen Sales

Gift Cards        Returns

Balance Drawer   Sales Reports

Sales Training Part 2

Open Cash Drawer

Pole Msg      Receipt Msg

Special Orders   Pending Orders

Reports  Graphs & Spreadsheets

Voids & Canceled Invoices

Invoice History

Backup            Restore Training

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