Marketing *Healthy Foods & Bevg. Contest

Midland Dow HS, ($500 Prize) Winning Marketing Ideas

Richfield HS, ($500 Prize) Winning Marketing Ideas


Pick any or all of the 8 options below to Market your item:

1) Produce a 30 second healthy item video commercial. Post on YouTube & email a link.
2) Build a display on the counter, shelf, floor or display window.  Email us Pictures
3) Advertise with Sign in-or-outside the store. (digital or printed) Email us Pictures
4) Create a sponsored "marketing event" (dance, contest) Email us Pictures & Docs
5) Build a pricing incentive (discount, coupon, mix & match..) Email us Pictures & Docs
6) Internet Market (email blast, Facebook, Twitter, Web Site) Email us Pictures & Links
7) Distribute printed info. & free samples that educates.  Email us Pictures & Links
8) Produce a 15 second Radio commercial (school announcement) Email us Audio doc.

Contest Rules

  1. Only School Stores clients are eligible. (over 600 stores nationwide)
  2. A School Store may submit max. of 3 unique, healthy item entries by email
  3. Email entry must contain: Name of Teacher/Advisor, Student participants & School
  4. Email entry must contain: Healthy product's name, Promo Descriptions & Promo dates
  5. Email entry must document: Qty items sold & Gross $ & Profit $ made during Promo dates
  6. *All cash prizes will be awarded to the student organization or charity that the teacher designates.
  7. The deadline for email entries is May 30, 2015
  8. Please call 877-271-3730 for more info.
  9. Email inquires: