New Product Marketing Contest

Pick 4 or all of the 8 options below to Market your *New item:

*New item is defined as a product or service that you didn't sell last school year

1) Produce a 30 second healthy item video commercial. Post on YouTube & email a link.
2) Build a display on the counter, shelf, floor or display window.  Email us Pictures
3) Advertise with Sign in-or-outside the store. (digital or printed) Email us Pictures
4) Create a sponsored "marketing event" (dance, contest) Email us Pictures & Docs
5) Build a pricing incentive (discount, coupon, mix & match..) Email us Pictures & Docs
6) Internet Promo (email blast, Facebook, Twitter, Web Site) Email us Pictures & Links
7) Distribute printed info. & free samples that educates.  Email us Pictures & Links
8) Produce a 15 second Radio commercial (school announcement) Email us Audio doc.

Contest Rules

  1. Only School Stores clients are eligible. (over 600 stores nationwide)
  2. A School Store may submit max. of 3 unique, New item entries by email
  3. Email entry must contain: Name of Teacher/Advisor, Student participants & School
  4. Email entry must contain: New product's name, Promo Descriptions & Promo dates
  5. Email entry must document: Qty items sold & Gross $ & Profit $ made during Promo dates
  6. Cash prizes awarded to the student organization or charity that the teacher designates.
  7. The deadline for email entries is March 30, 2018
  8. Please call 877-271-3730 for more info.
  9. Email inquires:

Past Awards Marketing Winners

*Healthy Foods & Bevg. Contest

Midland Dow HS, ($500 Prize) Winning Marketing Ideas

Richfield HS, ($500 Prize) Winning Marketing Ideas