2016-17 Best of Contest Rules

$1,000.00 top prize!

Cash prizes Awarded to School Stores, Teacher/Advisers & Managers.

Cash Prizes delivered to Stores, Teachers & Student Managers!

Printable PDF. Doc. of Contest Rules

(1) Only School Stores using our POS Software are eligible to enter.

(2) Must complete POS Survey to be eligible. 

Have students help, it's educational...

At the end of Survey, you can nominate:

*1 School Store

*1 Teacher-Adviser (or Teacher's assistant)

*5 Student Managers

(3) Must email min. 3 examples (images, captions, stories & links) of:

How you market your Store?

  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, other..)

  • In-Store Sampling

  • Product Displays (in windows, on counter or floor)

  • Video Commercial (30 second YouTube video -- see examples)

  • Signage (Poster Signs, Digital Signs, other..)

  • Web Store or Email Marketing

  • Pop-Up Marketing at a Special Location or Event (other than store)

  • Special or Seasonal Store Decorations

  • Name Branding Examples (Store Logo, Uniforms, Custom Gift-Loyalty cards)

  • Special Events or Contests (Charity Funding, Grade Level Sales Battles..)

  • Calendar Sales for specific Departments, Categories or SKU items

  • Other Creative Marketing Stories....

(4) Must post on our FACEBOOK wall  min. 3 pictures (3 posts) of your Store.

  • Make sure Teacher & Student employees/customers are in picture

  • Make sure you get min. 10 (or more) F. B. Likes..!

(5) Must email 4 POS Reports (.pdf or .jpg format).

POS data will be confidential:

  • Department/Category Report Sales Summary for 2016-17

  • Employee Sales Graph for 2016-17

  • Vendor Listing

  • Last 2 Pages (or all) of a current, Inventory Valuation Report

(6) Must email explanation of "Why your store is the Best"...!

The Fine Print The Fine Print The Fine Print The Fine Print The Fine Print The Fine Print The Fine

Email entries to: info@schoolpos.com (include school, store & teacher's name)

Contest Entry Deadline is 4/08/17   (Would help pay for National Competition events)

Winners will be decided by an independent panel of judges.

Checks will be made payable to min. of  9 winners. (Announced on 4/15/17).

Teacher/Advisers will be alerted & direct us to whom to make checks payable to.

We reserve the right re-use any contest pictures or links submitted.s

tPrintable PDF. Doc. of Contest Rules


ffQuestions...?    Call: 877-271-3730, info@schoolpos.com