Store/Cafe Branding & Marketing Contest

How do you Brand your School Store/Cafe to make it special & unique?

How do you promote/market your products & services to students, staff, parents & Alumni?

Here's the Requirements:

1) Email name of School, Teacher, and Students participating along with contest attachments required

(2) School must be a School Store POS client of ours to be eligible.

(3) Must submit 4 (or more) examples of ways you Brand your Store/Cafe to make it special & unique? (See examples below)

(4) Must submit 4 (or more) examples of ways you promote/market Store/Cafe products & services? (See examples below)

(5) Must submit a short summary explaining each examples and how they improved sales.

(6) Contest Deadline: 12/22/17

(7) Cash Prizes awarded to the Top 3 entries

(8) $1,000.00 Top Prize


Branding Ideas:

Store Logo on Digital Signage?


Branding Ideas:

Store Entrance Sign






In-Store Promo ideas: 

Custom Displays,

Calendar Sales or Coupons on:  Departments, Categories, or items.



In-Store Branding ideas:

 Store & School Logo, Counter Sign, & Logo Spirit Items...

Promo Ideas:

Advertising in Parent, Student or Alumni Newsletter!


Notice Store Logo in Adv.


Store Window Display & Signs in other areas of the School

Notice Store Logo!


School TV & Radio Ads

See past Video Commercial Winners



Branding ideas:

Store Logo Printed on Custom Gift or Loyalty Reward Cards



Social Media Marketing & Promotions

Face Book Page 1

Face Book Page 2


Selling online Website


Marketing & Promo ideas:

"Pop-up" @ Special Events


Marketing & Promo ideas:

Contests & Seasonal Events