(4) School Stores of the Month 

Michigan - Lincoln High School 
"Abe's Corner"
 Ms. Marge Levinson 
586-758-8306 e-mail

3 years using School POS. The students have learned well how to run a professional business. Since their move to a larger room, location, they can now accommodate the increase customer flow (students & teachers). With 3 front POS Stations sales of healthy food & beverage items, as well as school-spirited apparel items can be processed fast and efficiently. Back-Office Accounting, Reports, Graphs, and Bar-Code Labels can be generated effortlessly at their 4th Manager's station.

All would not be possible without the outstanding team leadership of Marge Levinson and Teacher's Assistant, Rhonda

Michigan - Birmingham Groves High School 
"The Falcons Nest" 
Teachers: Ms. Kristen Erikson & Mike Reese
248-203-3538,  e-mail  

2 years using School POS. The Falcons Nest has 3 front POS Stations & 1 office work station. The students under the guidance of advisors, Kristen & Mike have learned how to professionally manage a school store. Using POSitive Premier version, they get a strong financial view from the General Ledger accounting reports (Income statements & Balance sheets..). The Falcon Nest uses advance POS features such as: Customer Frequent Buyer points, Inventory Info-Bar (for product management) and Staff House Accounts with special category discounts! They are the 1st School Store to use automated re-ordering for vendors. They have programmed minimum build-up levels for every item and now generate automated purchase orders!. The teachers & marketing students meet regularly to plan promotions & in-store strategies.

Michigan - Southfield High School 
"The Turning Point"

 Ms. Sylvia Bailey 248-746-8975

Outstanding organization of very busy place. Four POS Stations operate Southfield High School sales transactions. Two stations are devoted to candy, beverages and apparel sales. One Station's smart keyboard sells Otis Cookies to students in the hallway....and another station rings up Hot Pockets. Store is open before and after school, and during all lunch times. Item barcodes are entered by either a laser scanner or a fast keyboard. Lines move quickly at the Turning Point. A security guard verifies all customer purchases at the exit door by reviewing each and every receipt. Sylvia Bailey's employee handbook insures that all workers are aware of the store rules and their rotating role in making the student-based operation work. Success at the Turning Point occurs with a well organized plan, a team philosophy, and a teacher, who has positively encouraged strong job skills and students to run a professional school store.



Michigan - John Glenn (Westland)
 "The Gantry"
 Ms. Sherrita Law 734-419-2300

You think you were in a shopping mall! Beautiful retail setting 3 black POS stations for candy, apparel, gifts, and school spirit items. What is real unique about the POS configuration here is the Candy Counter. We have set up 2 POS Stations with smart menu type keyboards. Each key represents a particular candy sold. Sku input is just like McDonalds, by keyboard ... fast 'n easy!