1. Review your POS proposal with your school or district  IT professional.
  • They may have used PC's or Monitors that will help reduce the system's price.
  • Their help with installation of PC's, POS Hardware, and Networking may be needed
  • The schools' cable infrastructure may be used to save additional dollars.
  • Invite your IT Pro. To download our POS demo or view our CD trainer.
  • In summary, get them involved and excited about your new POS System!
  1. Technical questions can be answered here at our web site or call: 877-271-3730, or e-mail
  1. Plan ahead for an install date and time with your School Tech. and our Office.
  • Our office will have all the hardware and assembly instructions pre-shipped.
  • Our office will be telephone ready to guide your IT Pro through 3 areas:
  1. Hardware Setup
  2. Network Configuration
  3. Software Install & Setup
  1. Plan a database input date/time with you, Store Advisor and our Office.
  • For introduction and data entry strategy for 5 main areas:
  1. Vendors
  2. Departments & Categories
  3. Employees
  4. Customers
  5. Inventory Items   
  1. 12 Months of Support  for School Tech and Store Advisor is available.