School Store POS Certification

Teachers, store assistants, and students can earn up to 3 levels of POS Certification. 

Choose 10 questions from Basic, Pro, or Premier areas.

It is easy to do if you use your School-Store POS Training clone.

Just mail us your answers accompanied with documentation of completion (Reports, Receipts, Photos, Teacher's signature,..).

Once evaluated by our staff, we will mail you back a POS Certificate

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Our 1st POS Certificate

Teacher Assistant, Gary Swain

Lahser High School, Michigan

Gary Swain completed the Basic & Pro POS Certification

Gary is a very dedicated School Store Advisor. The Knight's Castle sells Apparel, Snacks & School Supplies. The KC conveniently located near the Cafeteria has 2 POS Stations, takes Credit Cards, and has it's own Web Store,