Holiday Marketing Contest

$500.00 top prize* (many Amazon Gift Cards awarded)

Contest Requirements:

1) Email Contest entry to  or FaceBook Post (please like us 1st):

  1. Include 1 entry per email or FaceBook post.
  2. There's no limit on contest entries per school.
  3. Include School, Store/Cafe & Teacher/Students names
  4. Attach 1-3 images
  5. Include Text describing:  Your Holiday Marketing.
  6. include Text explaining: Why & how your marketing increased sales volume.
  7. Top Prize: $500.00
  8. Many Amazon Gift Card prizes
  9. *Prize distribution determined by Teacher/Store advisor

(2) School must be our School Store POS to be eligible for a prize.

  • Non-School POS clients may submit 1 contest entry
  • Some contest entries will be posted on our Web Site & FaceBook Wall.

(3) Entries will be judged on:

  • Creative & Original themes.
  • Presentation of images & text
  • Achieving Marketing objectives
    • To be considered for top, $500 prize, be prepared to show evidence of December sales increase, with POS report & graphs.

(4) Holiday Marketing ideas:

  • Holiday Floor, Shelf & Counter Displays
  • Holiday Display Case presentations
  • Holiday Decorations in Store & Cafe.
  • Holiday Services (Gift Cards, Gift Wrapping, Delivery, Secret Santa..)
  • Holiday Menu, Drink & Gift items
  • Holiday Promotions & Combo Deals
  • Holiday Internet Marketing (social media, email, online ordering)
  • Holiday Signs & Posters
  • Holiday Video Commercials & Morning announcements
  • Inclusive Holiday Marketing that goes beyond Christmas.
  • Think out of the box. Create your own Holiday Marketing idea.

*Contest Deadline: 12/30/22

$500.00 & Amazon Gift Cards awarded to the Top entries

Questions ? Call: 877-271-3730,