2019 School Store/Cafe Marketing Contest

Choose to promote any Item, Service or ....your Store & Cafe in general.

Use min. of 3 Marketing Tools per entry  (choose from 8 options below)

 1) Produce a 30 second store/cafe or item video commercial. Post on YouTube & email a link.

2) Social Media Promo (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, other...) Email us Pictures & Links

3) Internet Promo (Email or Web Site Marketing examples)  Email us Pictures & Links

4) Build a pricing incentive in POS (discount, coupon, mix & match..) Email us Pictures & Docs

5) Distribute printed info. & free samples that educates.  Email us Pictures & Links

6) Create a Special Event (dance, contest, taste tests) Email us Pictures & Docs

7) Advertise with Signs in-or-outside the store. (digital or printed) Email us Pictures

8) Create a product display on floor/counter with signs (cross merchandise!)  Email us Pictures

~ Deadline for Marketing Entries: 4/19/19 ~

Email to: info@schoolpos.com            Questions, Call: 877-271-3730

Email entry must have: School & Teacher's Name & List of Student participants

Email entry must show evidence of 3 (or more) Marketing Promos (docs, images, links)

Email entry must document with POS Report (pdf) Sales before & during Promo dates

Your School Store, Cafe or Restaurant is limited to 5 Marketing Contest Entries

Cash Prizes ($1,000.00 top prize) awarded to student(s) or organization teacher designates

Only our School Store/Cafe clients are eligible. (over 700 nationwide)

Email a Pro-Presentation doc. of your usage of 3 Marketing tools. (see examples below)

Marketing Presentation #1

Marketing Presentation #2

Marketing Presentation #3