11 Common

School Store

POS Mistakes

in POSitive Retail Manager


1) After PC Cold Start, wait 60 seconds before executing (clicking) POS 1 icon. (avoid SQL error)

2) Be sure you have a current POS Backup on Flash Drive & a maintain a reg. Backup schedule.

3) Be sure you update (restoring) POS Training (database) each semester.

4) Remember to safely position your POS computer under counter (it will last longer out of sight)

5) Do not turn off Receipt Printer. (the Cash Drawer will not open)

6) Place a permanent note on all POS Computers, to alert IT Dept. not to re-image or modify.

7) When moving POS hardware into storage over the summer, make note of cable connections

8) Don't allow a student to have Teacher's ID & Password and the power to delete employees.

9) Take full advantage of your 12 Month Support, by getting training on basic & advance subjects.

10) In POS Tutor, print & compile .PDF guides & encourage managers to review Training Videos.

11) Make sure you Re-Start (or turn off) your POS Computers min. 1 week. (They will run faster)


If your 12 months of POS Support has expired, please call or email us for assistance.

877-271-3730                                    info@schoolpos.com