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Superintendent or District Financial Officer:
Does your school district have proper accountability and controls in place for all school-based
enterprises? Whether it is a bookstore, a short-order cafe, or a basic High School Student Store, there are many key areas that require accurate business and accounting protocols:

  1. Correct addition of every Sales Transaction.
  2. Tender reconciliation and Bank Deposit of End-of-Day Totals.
  3. Audit Trail of Customer Sales and Vendor Purchases.
  4. Accurate Sales and Sales Tax Reports.
  5. Physical Inventory Tracking and Cost Valuation Reports.

A school-based enterprise annual sales volume can range from $10,000-$100,000. Given all the
business transactions involved, mistakes can happen. Many of these errors (non-intentional or theft-shrinkage) can be virtually eliminated with a Point of Sale (POS) System.

POS Systems Group is interested in becoming a partner with your school district and your business education program. We are national supporters of DECA and the MEA. We have successfully installed POS Hardware, Software, and trained Teachers and Students at many high schools. Our objective is to work with your store adviser (Marketing or Business Teacher) to implement a professional retail management system that will help educate and control all assets: Employees, Customers, Inventory, Vendors, and Accounting.

At the District financial level, we encourage you to review this accountability question where ever a school-based enterprise exists. Please review the attached white pages that illustrate how easy School Store POS can give your Teachers, Principals and School District fast and accurate controls.

Please forward the yellow information pages to your High School Principal or School Store
Additional information and references can be found on the web at: www.Schoolpos.com
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Upon request, we can mail an information folder with a multimedia CD. We welcome all questions by school administrators, teachers, and district technicians. Our office can fax an itemized, POS System proposal within a 24 hour notice.   

Best Regards,

Craig Cesarone, CEO
POS Systems Group