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In the near future, we'll post cool POS lessons, activities, and procedures here!

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Here is a preview of some ideas:

 "Security is an issue, so we post a student at the exit door to match items with receipts. The receipt is marked similar to Sam's or Costco Warehouse Clubs. Now, our shrinkage is down to zero! "

"I like to reward my employees' Time-Clock Hours with treats. I use the Gift Certificate Manager in POSitive and manually add the student's ID, dollars rewarded, and the date. The student-employee can shop the store using just their ID similar to a Smart Gift Card transaction. This process rewards hard working students and correctly reduces my physical inventory. The Gift Certificate Manager will keep track of all reward dollars issued and redeemed."

"We buy giant bags of penny candy at Sams Club. There are 4-5 flavors. We then create small bags of 25 or 50 pieces and sell them at a nice profit. POS allows us to use the same giant bag file to sell in smaller quantities. By doing this, we can track our inventory no matter if we sell a 25 or 50 piece bag"

Milford High School currently uses this Returns/Exchanges Statements.